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It is imperative to understand that a healthy lawn doesn’t happen on it’s own. Proper mowing practices are just as crucial to the health and beauty of your lawn, as proper watering and lawn fertilization & treatment. If your lawn is mowed improperly, it will never reach its overall potential in looking its best. Always keep in mind the 5 LAWN CARE TIPS to a healthy lawn.
Lawn Care Tips for a Healthy Green Lawn

Lawn Care Tip #1- Mowing Properly: mow your lawn in a different direction with each mowing. Remember to never remove more than 1/3 of your grass blade.

Lawn Care Tip #2- Sharpen Mower Blades:  dull blades have a tendency to rip grass blades instead of cutting cleanly, leaving grass susceptible to diseases. Sharp blades make clean cuts of each grass blade, which helps the blade to heal quickly.

Lawn Care Tip #3- Watering your Lawn: most lawns require about 1-2″ of water per week. It is best to water early in the morning, when your lawn is normally wet from dew. Make sure you deep water your lawn, so that water travels to the roots. 

Lawn Care Tip #4- Apply Fertilizer: Applying fertilizer at the right time and the right amount, is very crucial in order to get the best results, for a healthy green lawn. Fertilizer prevents unwanted weeds, pesky insects, and undesirable diseases from attacking your lawn. 

Lawn Care Tip #5- Treat your Weeds, Insects, and Diseases: Don’t neglect your lawn by ignoring visible brown circles or dry patches on your grass. This means that your lawn may be suffering from lawn disease or insect infestation. We offer weed control, insect control, and disease control treatments to help improve your lawn if any of these issues have attacked your your lawn.




Bio Lawn’s technicians pledge to be courteous and promptly on time. We strive to provide top quality residential and commercial lawn care service. Our #1 priority is customer satisfaction. We will treat your lawn as if it’s our own!



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